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The Language Age

The importance of communication

Aaron Yarbrough, Contributor

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As inhabitants of the modern world, people have more interaction with other human beings halfway across the world than ever before. The internet, one of the most outstanding technological marvels of today’s world, connects people with similar interests, no matter where they are located geographically. So, with the increased intercommunication, it is becoming more common than ever to speak another language in addition to one’s native tongue. As such, it is only appropriate that it become common for each and every citizen of the United States speak a foreign language on top of their own, or at the very least, have enough of an understanding to grasp the basic idea behind the language. Learning to speak a new language has many social and worldly benefits. Namely, a connection with a large portion of the world, opening up more opportunities to travel or learn from their culture, allowing the development of skills that comes in handy for future occupational opportunities.

The amount of people who speak English as their native tongue numbers fairly high at 335 million speakers in around 101 different countries, making it the third most spoken language, but out of 7 billion people, the total world population, 335 million seems to be only a small percentage of all the people in the world. Thus, by learning another language one can open up to a much larger population of people they can interact with. Through the interaction with those of different and varied cultures, someone can become a more culturally enriched person, which will help solve life problems as different ways of thinking can help to resolve troubles. They can also use their experience to make more friends and garner more interest.

On the topic of garnering more interest, speaking more than one language is a very admirable skill as it involves hours of dedicated study and practical application. Therefore, when it comes to job searching, someone who can speak another language is a much more attractive offer to prospective employers. Not only does it give the impression of a dedicated and hard-worker who focuses on the more worldly things in life, it also enables the worker to take in requests for a good or service from a larger range of people, which will lead to an increase in revenue. Since there are so many extra opportunities offered by learning another language, it is a great skill to learn for the security of a stable future.

Many people feel that learning a language is a waste of time, it is harder than it looks and if they are going to live in the same place all their lives, they shouldn’t need to bother to learn another language from somewhere halfway around the world. But the problem is, the world isn’t so small that the only instance of someone needing to speak another language would be if they travel to another country. People who speak other languages and not the one they know will one day make their way to them for their own reasons. Thus, learning a new language will always in some way come in handy, no matter where the location may be. As for its difficulty, there are many people and classes looking to teach the language, notably, in high school, foreign languages is a mandatory class. So take a greater interest in what the teacher has to tell, for it may help to develop a skill that will come in handy for the rest of someone’s life.

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The Language Age