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Beauty is the Beast

Sean Stockdale, Contributor

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Beautiful, the word raises many thoughts. So many that it affects everyone in the world in different ways. What brands you wear, what make-up you use, and even the way we arrange our hair. It has separated us as people so much that some places in the world are considered fashion capitals said to be leading the way to trends of the future. So I decided to dive into the world of “Social Imagery” to see what makes it tick.

First I needed people, and I needed to make sure to pick people who had no real correlation with each other, only to assure my answers could be different.

I started with a nice girl named Ashley. She is not from Bandera so I figured her opinion would be different from that of the swarm of teenagers around here. She gave me what I expected, it is really what is on the inside that counts, not that I disagree but I needed a little more. But that is when she said something worth value. “It affected me when I was younger, but now not so much.”

Then it hit me. Age, the biggest difference in a growing world is those who have been around longer and experienced more. I knew where to go next.

I traveled out to Polly Peak to meet Alex, the head chef at the elementary school and a good friend. He is 26 so I figured he could shed a little more light due to his experience. He gave me some of the truest information I could ask for. He believes beauty on the outside is just as important as on the inside. “Your outside should reflect your insides. If you’re beautiful on the inside, it will show.”

This caught my attention because it shows if you get to know a person then their beauty will show itself to you without you even looking for it. So there is no need to stress, just keep an open mind.

For this last interview I made a call way up north to Minnesota, to reach my aunt Amy. She may be hands down the most peaceful person I know.  I interviewed her because seeing that she is from another state, her views could be drastically different from the southern aspect. Fortunately it was not, but since she is older the words that she said seemed to carry more meaning. “It’s what’s on the inside that matters but first looks are how most people judge these days.”

She went on to say that society puts too much pressure on people to be physically appealing. “When or if that will stop I don’t know but I hope for your sake (implying children) it does.”

From all the interview answers and research I’ve gathered, it seems people are stuck inside a world where being beautiful is nothing more than a flat stomach and other endowed features. From what I can see, it is society’s fault.

They influence us with constant repetition, from Fashion shows on the runway to swimsuit models in magazines. But inner beauty does exist, it’s just not recognized as beauty. It goes by other words such as humble, passionate or mature. These things are over looked because no one has time to sit down and actually meet everyone. But this can be changed just by giving everyone a fair chance to show themselves. So why shouldn’t we?

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Beauty is the Beast