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Russian student moves to Bandera

Gleb Abashin permanently moved to Bandera and will be spending his junior and senior year at BHS

Madison Young, Editor-in-Chief

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The 2016-2017 school year began with an influx of new students, including seventeen-year-old Gleb Abashin, who moved to America last year from his Russia.

“I actually was born in Ulyanovsk, then moved to America and lived in California until I was two years old with my mother, father, and grandparents,” Gleb said. “After that I moved back to Russia and lived in Veliky Novgorod until I was 11, and then I lived with my father until I turned 16.”

Gleb moved to America with the goal of attending an American high school and college, and started his journey at Lee High School in San Antonio.

“American education is totally different, and I didn’t know that I was actually able to choose my classes, because in Russia, you are not,” Gleb said. “Here, you have a choice. If you want to be educated, you will be.”

Gleb is a junior, and is taking both AP US History, and AP English, which is very impressive to both his teacher and his fellow classmates.

“I think he’s a very intelligent and remarkable student who is not only able to take courses in his second language, but advanced courses,” English teacher Krista Errington said. “He’s very hard on himself, and he’ll say ‘No, I’m not,’ but he’s doing very well.”

After taking several advanced classes and adjusting to American lifestyle, Gleb has begun to decide what he wants to do when he graduates and how he can accomplish his goal.

“Well, that always was a hard question for me, even in Russia, but I decided to be an actor, because acting and theatre are the only things that actually make me excited,” Gleb said. “There is a lot of competition, and a lot of people who want to be great actors, but I will try my best to keep up.”

He has made several friends in his classes who have commented on his excellent English and the progress he has made in just the first six weeks.

“I think he’s a great student,” junior Josh Ellingson said. “He’s definitely college-bound, and very focused on academics. He is very interesting to talk to, and he’s really good at English. He was the only one to get a 100 on our last vocabulary test.”

Despite all the compliments of his excellent English, Gleb continues to strive for mastery of the language, and wants to delve further into the American culture.

“The hardest adaptation is of course the language, and I’m trying to fix my accent, because I want to be an actor, and my accent makes that difficult,” Gleb said. “I also am learning a lot about American history and culture, which is difficult, but it’s getting easier.”

Bandera High School is proud to welcome Gleb Abashin to Bandera, and we in the journalism staff wish him good luck on all his future endeavors.

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Russian student moves to Bandera