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Parker’s Passion Drives Greatness

Madison Grube, Contributor

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Although born and raised in inner-city San Antonio, moving to the Cowboy Capital of the World was like a homecoming for Fay Parker, Bandera High School’s new Agriculture teacher.

“I’ve been coming here to the river since I was sixteen years old. So when I saw the high school needed an agriculture teacher it was like God was telling me to go make this my home,” said Parker.

Parker’s biggest passion is her love for animals. She graduated from Texas A&M College Station, majoring in animal science. She had many college credits going into Texas A&M, which lead to her graduating in three years instead of four. She hopes to be able to spread her knowledge of and passion for animals through teaching.

“If I can give that knowledge to students, then I feel like my purpose is complete,” Parker said.

While attending Texas A&M Parker was able to have an experience of a lifetime. She was given the opportunity to be a pig mom for two pregnant sows.  

“I was farrowing two sows, who I helped birth about twenty-four babies each,” Parker said.

Teaching has not always been something Parker has wanted to do. She wanted to venture out and do something different, because all her female family members are teaching or have taught. But soon enough she discovered what she really wanted to do.

“In my last semester, teaching was the only thing I wanted to do,” said Parker.

Despite influence from the female members of her family, Parker’s biggest influence in her life was her dad.

“My dad has worked really hard his whole life. It has instilled in me that if I work hard good things will come,” she said.

Bandera High School is very proud to welcome Fay Parker into the home of the Bulldogs.

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Parker’s Passion Drives Greatness