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Vega’s Victorious Career Goals

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Most teachers have been teaching their whole lives, with the exception of the occasional job before that. However, Bandera High School has a new teacher with experience in not only one, but two different careers prior to coaching.

“I had three goals ever since I was young. Become a coach, a mailman, and a fireman,” Coach Albert Vega said. “And I have done so successfully.”

Being a fireman, mailman and coach taught him discipline, organization, a good working ethic and the ability to work as a team. Before coaching at Bandera, Vega taught at other schools such as Valley View and Krueger Middle School.

“The students at Bandera High School are very well behaved compared to those of the other schools,” Vega said.

Vega strives to help kids become successful students, both in class and on the field. He has taught an all American running back and a few former NFL players.

“I love helping kids develop not only physically, but mentally as well,” Vega said.

Before becoming a teacher Vega traveled to multiple countries like Kuwait, Iraq, Dubai and Japan, while working special forces in the US Navy.

Vega’s history is exhibited by his multiple battle scars, mementos from being shot twice, tearing muscles and ligaments, breaking his ankle, surgery on both legs, and even popping bones out of place in his shoulder and ankle. Although Vega has had many injuries, they have not stopped him from achieving his goals.

“The Navy taught me to toughen up and work with a team in order to protect our country,” he said.

As well with being in the Navy, Vega was an aircraft fireman on the flight deck of a naval carrier and a facilitator for the post office. At one point in time, Vega even owned a gym. Vega’s hobbies include coaching, spending time with family, and bar-b-queing.

Bandera High School welcomes Mr. Vega and wishes him luck in his career.

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Vega’s Victorious Career Goals